Product Description


Model : MS SMART




The machine includes:

• Model MS SMART (Fixed ratio) Mixing Head HMGE

• Hoses mt 10

• Packing



Description of the machine:


The MS SMART machine has a welded frame with two big wheels and supports for easy moving. On the frame are fixed two plastic tanks of 10 lt each for polyol and iso with a cap closing by thread; this system permits the correct alimentation of the pumps. The refilling of the tanks is manual.



This unit is the device to move the double effect pumps of the raw materials. It is completed with valve, pressure regulator and gauge. Characteristics: Air consumption 500 Nl/min



Two high pressure volumetric pumps are moving by the pneumatic. The pumps of the raw materials work connected directly at the small tanks installed on the frame with also the recycle circuit to discharge the pressure and move the products in line.The total output is 6 Kg/min. max. The ratio is fixed to 100:100 in volume.




Two pressure gauges show the operating conditions. The devices mount a divider with max operating pressure of 250 bars.



The control panel is of easy access and contains all the fuses. It protects the electric circuits and safety system. In front of the panel there are also the following controls:

• General main switch

• Hoses thermo regulator

• Exchanger thermo regulator (option)

• Emergency button



It mounted the electric version of the head gun: the model is HMGE. The mixing head HMGE is selfcleaning by air, with the possibility to use, if needed, flows of other nature to wash the mixing chamber.


Thanks to special adaptor fittings, it is possible to dispense the products by injection, pouring and spraying. The operating system (opening/closing of the mixing head) of the HMGE is manually controlled by the operator or by an electronic timer control with the set of decimal of seconds to repeat the pouring time. The mixing chamber and its block with the seals are easy to replace because connected to the head body by a bayonet system, which makes easier the maintenance reducing the machine stops during working.


Hoses mt 10:

High pressure hoses for each component are in PTFE, completed of attachments and fittings. The hoses are used as resistance with a probe to control the temperature of the material dispensed; the hoses are covering with special foamed insulation on all length.


Spare Parts:

Included kit spare parts of the head gun.


Catalogue – CE

The machine is completed by one catalogue use and maintenance on paper and one on CD. According to CE standard.

Technical Data

• Machine weight                              :          150 kg

• Max mixing pressure                      :          120 bar

• Compressed air                              :          minimum 6 bar from customer.

• Max power consumption hoses      :          1,2 Kw, 380 volt 3 Ph+G

• Dimension of the machine              :          70 x 55 x h 140 cm.



Machine fixed in a wooden box, with fumigation, barrier sack and gel of silica.




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