MPY-2X3050- Half Hydraulic Folder Machine


Product Description


MODEL : MPY – 2X3050



Functions and Characteristics:

  • Heavy duty steel fabricated frameprovides accurate bends
  • Hydraulic bending with manual material clamp
  • Roving foot pedal incorporates control panel for maximum flexibility
  • Extended fingers allows bending of pansor boxes to a depth of 230mm
  • Ground segmented fingers can be repositioned to suit many applications
  • Easy to use single angle programmable controller incorporating digital readout for angles from 0-130º
  • Autocycle:after clamping bottom beam will bend to pre-set angle and return,head unclamps to set position
  • Safety top beamsupport stop lever located on rightside of machine
  • Adjustable beam for varying material thickness
  • Includes rear 650mm manual backgauge.




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